Interactive Desklight

While LEDs and Microcontroller offer the possibility to control light flexible and precise, the way we currently control light limits this flexibility. Instead of managing the light with a mechanical switch, a remote or the Smartphone we chose to control it with hand gestures. This way manifold control options like intensity, focus or color are right at the place where you need it.


Hand gestures, captured by a downfacing camera controlling the luminaire. In our mock-up, we used fiducials marker as a representative for faster implementation. The presence, location, and rotation of the fiducials get captured and processed in VVVV controlling the light via DMX. It is possible to control the overall brightness, balance, four individually controllable spots and finally the color of the up-facing ambient light diffusor.


The Luminaire consists of an extruded aluminum profile covered by ABS apertures forming six facets. The four down facing Diffusors contribute an even illumination in a 30° angle while the up facing black aluminum facets build up a heat sink. Extruded microscopic grooves are increasing the surface of the heat sink while maintaining a smooth easy to clean surface. The SMD stripes consist of an Aluminium core board which is thermally compound to the profile. While the spot SMDs got round collimator lenses, the diffusor are using extruded oblong collimators to reduce production costs. Above the collimators are flush mounted Fresnel lenses scattering the collimated light to provide even, glare-free lighting.






Nils Mayer