B01 Is an interactive desktop light which acts as an interface between the analog and digital world. It features a voice assistant that serves you as a personal attendant, whether it´s searching Information on the Internet, receiving calls on speaker, keeping you up your schedule, saving voice notes, scanning documents or reminding you to take a stretch. It all does that threw voice and expressive gestures which help to simplify the Interaction and increase the acceptance of an intelligent Object. It does that by balancing on convex feet and is therefore able to express certain gestures. The balance is ensured by a gyroscope which is controlling two servo motors with an eccentric weight. Thanks to that effort B01 can lean certain degrees and perform various gestures like nodding, head shaking, showing attention or displaying low battery life. The diagonal light ensures perfect lighting for reading and Sketching applications. Due to the LED array, it mimics eye gestures which are underlining it´s overall anthropoid character. B01 displays a look ahead into the future, where formerly passive objects will come to live and interact actively and autonomous with its environment.