Customizable Timing Belt in Fusion 360

Timing belts are excellently suited for transmitting forces over distance. With differently toothed pulleys you can also transfer forces and adapt them to various applications. Compared to gear transmissions, toothed belts are quieter, smoother and offer more design freedom.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to get timing belts in the required length. Therefore, many people print their timing belts from flexible materials such as TPU. After manually designing the third timing belt, I decided to create it generatively.

Thankfully it is effortless to create generative forms with user data in Fusion 360. Moreover, it´s even easier to modify these generative designs.

Just download the File, open the Modify tab and select Change Parameters ∑ . In the parameter window, you can adjust all variables to your requirements. I would recommend setting the BeltThickness parameter to a multiple of the line width (e.g. 120% of 0,4mm Nozzle = 0,46mm line width * 3 = 1,38mm)



Generative Parameters:

  • Pitch
  • Teeth Number
  • Belt Thickness
  • Belt Height
  • Tooth Offset (tolerance compensation)

Quick tip for TPU printing:

  • Set Z-Seam to shortest
  • use low layer heights (<0.15mm)
  • and/or slow down (20-30mm/s)
  • Travel as fast as possible
  • use coasting if available
  • reduce retract speed

I had great success printing these Belts with Ninjatek Cheetah and Polymaker Polyflex

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If you want to create customizable designs yourself check out this tutorial on YouTube


GT2 Belt Generator


HTD Belt Generator



  • 28/02/2020



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