Cobot 3D Printer


University Project

7-8. Semester


Designing a 3D Printer which is usable by novice users from the beginning and merges in creative office environments.


Cobot is built into a 3mm thick bent aluminum sheet which acts as housing and frame at the same time. Several solutions, like autocalibration and smart maintenance plans, guarantee carefree handling of the device.

User Experience

Cobot stood out due to its improved user experience. In 2012 – a time where most consumer 3D Printer were made out of wood – we thought how a Printer should work, look and feel like to be a little production facility at your Desktop. Besides the calm Design which fits into any environment. Autocalibration, auto homing, and tracked maintenance plans pursued one goal: a real plug and play experience.


To make it as straightforward and transparent as possible, we consequently reduced parts. Instead of hiding mechanics behind covers – which requires more parts – we showcase them. This is a functional advantage, e.g., maintenance is a lot easier, and the movements, rotations and silent noises create an impression of a vivid robot. Therefore it was necessary to bring down the visual complexity by organizing, reducing, and simplifying mechanical and electronic components.

Corporate Identity


Nils Mayer, Raoul Wilken, Marc Schömann

Accompanied by Prof. Frank Zebner



7-8. Semester