Tri Gripper The next version of the soft robot actuators can grab things, and the tri gripper is even powerful enough to crawl! While the dual gripper is printed the same way as the waving hand, with a sliding rack and pinion, the tri gripper works a bit different. The cables are directly attached to the servo rolls the wires up. This rotating movement causes a lot of stress for the wires. Some adjustments to the roll-up attachment helped to reduce the stress, but the lifespan is still quite low.   Tri gripper close up: cables are already damaged   Dual Gripper The dual gripper works

Three years ago, I started to build the Blackbox 3D Printer. There was one driving factor which kept me going: The dream of making soft robots one day. I assembled pneumatic robots in 2017, and that convinced me that I was on the right track. These robots where impressive but assembly was complicated because of the numerous hard to reach parts and the required precision. That way, we'll never build robots like the ones we dream of. My idea is to print actuators explicitly designed for materials with significantly different properties.   Finished print on the printbed, sprayed a 50/50 mixture of ethanol

Kinematic Coupler are widely used in the Industry to align Motor parts, Injection Molds or in optical instruments. A kinematic coupling aims to join two separable parts precisely and repeatable to one another. That's why this part is so crucial for a tool-changer, it ensures that on every pick the tool locks in the same place. There are different geometries and systems, all based on the same premise; they restrict movement with precisely defined points, lines or surfaces of contact. If done right it can achieve sub µ repeatability accuracy, but that's not even necessary for a 3D Printer tool-changer. The results of

Timing belts are excellently suited for transmitting forces over distance. With differently toothed pulleys you can also transfer forces and adapt them to various applications. Compared to gear transmissions, toothed belts are quieter, smoother and offer more design freedom. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to get timing belts in the required length. Therefore, many people print their timing belts from flexible materials such as TPU. After manually designing the third timing belt, I decided to create it generatively. Thankfully it is effortless to create generative forms with user data in Fusion 360. Moreover, it´s even easier to modify these generative designs. Just download the File,

After upgrading the Blackbox 3D Printer with a tool changer, i had to find a way to calibrate the different hotends. The required precision cannot be achieved with mechanical measuring methods. I got inspired doing it optically by a forum post at Instead of taking a cheap USB microscope I used my mirrorless camera with the kit lens and macro rings. These rings are pretty bad for macro photos because of the edge blur, but in this case, only the center has to be sharp. So macro rings will do fine for this job and the image quality is

Hello there, this is the first post on my new Blog. I will post background Stories on my Work, in-depth reports on the Blackbox Printer and short term maker Projects.